designed to deliver the Purest
20 nm Biotin Gold Nanoparticles
Core Size: 20 nm
Adsorption max: 524 nm
OD per ml: 50 (50x more concentrated than
our non-functionalized gold nanoparticles)
Particles per ml: 3.27E+13
Composition: Biotin gold nanoparticles
Number of Biotin Groups on Surface: ~0.04/nm 2
Formulation: Supplied in USP grade purified water
Store product away from direct sunlight at 4°C.
do not freeze
RN-Au-B5K-20-25-0.5ml 0.5 ml
RN-Au-B5K-20-50-1ml 1 ml

Diameter Peak SPR Wavelength (nm) NPS/ml Wt. Conc (mg/ml) Molar Ext (M-1cm-1) Size Dispersity (+/- nm) Particle Volume (nm3) Surface Area (nm2) Surface/ Volume Ratio Particle Mass (g) Molar Mass (g/mol) Molar Concentration
20 524 3.27E+13 2.66E+00 9.21E+08 <12% 4.19E+03 1.26E+03 0.3 8.12E-17 4.89E+07 5.43E-08
Diagnostic Supplier