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20nm Silver Nanoparticles
Description :
Silver nanoparticles are a great alternative to gold nanoparticles if absorption maximum is desired in between 400-500nm. Absorption in this lower range also allows for an increased dynamic range when developing multiplex experiments.These silver nanoparticles are made using a unique proprietary protocol resulting in monodisperse particles and a narrow size distribution
(CV <13%).
Silver Nanoparticles
Core Size: 20nm
Adsorption max: 405nm
Particles per ml: 6.2E+11
Concentration: 0.02 mg/ml
Volume: 20 ml
Formulation: Supplied in 2mM citrate

RN-Ag-20-20ml 20ml
RN-Ag-20-100ml 100ml
RN-Ag-20-500ml 500ml
Diagnostic Supplier