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40nm Silver Nanoparticles Reactant free
Description :
Reactant free silver nanoparticles have purity over 99%, these nanoparticles are ideal for sensitive applications requiring a minimum amount of reactants remaining from the manufacturing process. This product is well suitable for nanoparticle toxicity studies as well as conjugate development for blotting and electron microscopy applications.
80nm 40nm_Silver_Nanoparticles_Reactant_free
Purity: >99%
Polydispersity Index (PDI): < 0.150
Adsorption max: 416 nm
Particles per ml: 7.6E+10
Concentration: 2 OD (0.02 mg/ml)
Formulation: Supplied in 2mM citrate
RN-AgRF-40-20ml 20ml
RN-AgRF-40-100ml 100ml
Diagnostic Supplier