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Gallium Arsenide Semiconducting Nanowires, undoped-type, 50-100nm
Gallium Arsenide Nanowires (GaAs)
Size 50-100 nm
Composition: Gallium Arsenide
Semiconducting Nanowires
Diameter Range: 50-100 nm
Approx 1E+6 Nanowires,
Length Range: 1-5┬Ám

Available with 3 different dopant;
Dopant: Undoped
Formulation: Supplied in anhydrous isopropyl alcohol,
packed under nitrogen.
Intended use: Numerous Uses including Nanowire Junction Applications
or the fundamental study of charge transport.

Catalog Number Size in nm Pack size in ml
RN-NW-GaAs-100U 50-100 5
Diagnostic Supplier