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Gold Nanoparticle Conjugation Optimization Kit,50nm
Standard gold nanoparticles (100 ml, conc. OD1)
12 conjugation optimization buffers (1.5 ml each)
10% NaCl (100 ml)
Protein resuspension buffer
Detailed conjugation optimization protocol

Diameter Peak SPR Wavelength (nm) NPS/ml Wt. Conc (mg/ml) Molar Ext (M-1cm-1) Size Dispersity (+/- nm) Particle Volume (nm3) Surface Area (nm2) Surface/ Volume Ratio Particle Mass (g) Molar Mass (g/mol) Molar Concentration
50 535 3.51E+10 4.45E-02 1.72E+10 <10% 6.54E+04 7.85E+03 0.2 1.27E-15 7.64E+08 5.83E-11

Catalog Number Particle Size in nm Pack size in ml
RN-Au-OptKit-50-100 50 nm 100 ml
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