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Protein A - 10 nm Gold Conjugate
Gold nanoparticle core Size: 10 nm
Optical density: 3OD (conc. 1.79E+13 particles/ml)
Conjugated protein: Protein A (extracellular), from S. aureus
Working dilution: 1:25-1:100
Supplied in: 0.01M PBS (pH 7.4),
20% glycerol (v/v), 1% BSA and 15mM sodium azide.
CATALOG NUMBER                       PACK SIZE
RN-Au-C-10-Protein A-1ml 1 ml

Diameter Peak SPR Wavelength (nm) NPS/ml Wt. Conc (mg/ml) Molar Ext (M-1cm-1) Size Dispersity (+/- nm) Particle Volume (nm3) Surface Area (nm2) Surface/ Volume Ratio Particle Mass (g) Molar Mass (g/mol) Molar Concentration
10 515-520 1.79E+13 1.82E-01 1.01E+08 <15% 5.24E+02 3.14E+02 0.06 1.02E-17 6.11E+06 2.98E-08
Diagnostic Supplier