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Carboxyl Fluorescent Microspheres
Nanodiagnostics Fluorescent Carboxyl Microspheres are internally labeled with classical fluorophores and synthesized by a unique proprietary procedure. This technology produces microbeads with more controllable and tunable fluorescence intensities, more options of emission wavelengths, and longer shelf life compared to those made from solvent swelling and dye entrapment methods.

The carboxyl functional surface allows for convenient and straightforward covalent conjugation of ligands such as proteins, nucleic acids, and other molecules using carbodiimide coupling chemistry. Fluorescent Carboxyl Microspheres are ideal for biosensing, immunoassays, and imaging applications.
blue carboxyl microspheres
blue carboxyl microspheres
Bead Diameter: 2.5μm
Composition: Polystyrene
Surface Functionality: Carboxyl   
Carboxyl Parking Area: ~2.5nm2/-COOH group
Internal Fluorescent Label:  Coumarin 314
Excitation Wavelength: 436nm
Emission Wavelength: 476nm
Bead Concentration: 1E+8 particles/ ml (0.1% w/v)
Volume: 1ml in ddH2O
RN-FM –BC-2.5-1ml 1ml
RN-FM –BC-2.5-1ml 5ml
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